Unburden providers and clinic staff from tedious, time-consuming non-clinical tasks such as; patient registration, appointment scheduling, ordering prescriptions, etc. Significant staff attention is preoccupied with administrative items and away from direct patient care in a paper and folder driven practice.


PrimeCare can provide support and equipment to transition your practice from a paper folder driven, and inefficient operation to an efficient digital practice.

Our Anywhere EMR (electronic medical records) (EMR) systems holds many opportunities for improving clinical workflows through automation of daily tasks, and the migration (digitization) of old patient records.


Anywhere EMR, our Cloud based full EMR and telemedicine workflow management tool with clinical care solution optimized for small to medium clinics provide the backbone of your practice automation.  


Features :

  • Billing tasks: creation of claims for submission to insurance plans as well as the generation of statements to patients. 

  • Communications: improve communication between staff, among different providers and practices and with patients.

  • Appointment scheduling: maximum working days with appointment scheduling.